Russell Crowe Launches Twitter Campaign For Master & Commander Sequel

By reginaavalos Comment

Russell Crowe wants a sequel to his 2003 film Master & Commander, and he is trying to rally up his Twitter followers to help his cause. But why? The movie wasn’t originally the biggest hit, grossing $212 million world wide with a cost $150 million to make. We take a look at the situation below.

Why the interest in a sequel now though? Russell Crowe knows the film was a hit for him in one sense of the word. The critics loved the film and it received ten Oscar nominations. With a few of his recent films, not doing well at the box office, Russell Crowe looks to be trying to revive his career.

By going to his followers, he is hoping generate some buzz and light a fire under Fox to have things move forward. Lack of material is not the issue here. There are twenty books in the series that the original Master & Commander came from. Fox would just need to be willing to put the project together.

Russell Crowe said the following to his 110,000 users on Twitter Monday: “If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts.” Without that email handy, his followers reached out to Fox via Twitter instead, and the studio already came back with a reply via their own Twitter. The spokesperson for the studio said the following: “Getting a lot of tweets about Master & Commander sequel, I’ll look into it (I’d love one, too, but as you all know a LOT goes into it.)”

So in a way, Russell Crowe was successful with his campaign. No, the movie wasn’t put on Fox’s production schedule, but the fans voices were heard and the message was received at Fox. Who knows? A year from now, the movie might be head into production. Then Russell Crowe’s little campaign can be called a true success.