Facebook College Roommate-Finding App RoomSync Now Available At More Than 50 Schools

By David Cohen 

RoomSync, a Facebook application that helps college students find roommates, is now available at more than 50 schools across the U.S., up from four when it launched nearly six years ago, and the company said more than 100,000 students have used the app to choose their roommates.

Recently introduced features include mobile versions of the RoomSync app, and more robust administration controls for universities’ housing departments.

The app factors in Facebook profile information, lifestyle preferences, and mutual friends in helping students narrow down their prospective roommate choices.

New Mexico State University Associate Director of Administrative Operations Kierstin Stickney said of RoomSync:

It’s a great tool not only for students to meet their roommates, but also to their community. And the more engaged students are, the more likely they are to show up and stay committed to our school.

RoomSync Co-Founder and President Robert Castellucci added:

We are all about empowering roommate choice. It is great to see that more and more colleges and universities are adopting RoomSync’s innovative solution for empowered roommate matching. Beyond roommate satisfaction, we believe that a roommate can influence the likelihood of success in college.

Readers: Have you or your college-aged children ever used an app like RoomSync to help them find roommates?