Facebook’s Rooms App Gets Explore Button; Product Manager Josh Miller Preaches Patience

By David Cohen 

RoomsExplore650Facebook added an Explore button to its recently introduced Rooms iOS application, and product manager Josh Miller said in an interview with Re/code that he remained unconcerned about the app’s low user figure.

Details about the new Explore button were offered in a post on the Rooms blog:

Over the past month-and-a-half, our community has created tens of thousands of rooms ranging from developers emulating old video games on modern smartphones, to college fraternities, depression support and Kendama tricks. We have been wonderfully surprised by the breadth of topics that are connecting people. To our creators and moderators: Thank you for providing welcoming places for people from around the world to join.

Starting today, we’re giving you an easier way to discover and join these communities. In Rooms v1.2, you’ll notice a new “Explore” button in the top-left of the app. Navigate there to take a peek at a handful of awesome rooms and join them with a single tap! We hope you find a room that resonates with you.

And Miller said in his conversation with Kurt Wagner of Re/code:

Like 90 percent if not more of the people who downloaded the app in the first week or so probably did so because they read a story in a tech publication about Facebook’s new app. As a result, though, a lot of them peaced out. It’s exactly what we expected.

Because we’re at Facebook, people will question if we’re not blowing up after two months. I have to constantly remind myself that we can’t rush communities: We have to be patient.

Readers: Have you used Rooms? What are your thoughts?