How RockYou Used Virtual Kangaroos To Raise Funds For Australian Flood Relief

By Azam Khan Comment

RockYou’s Zoo World is joining the ranks of the philanthropic as the gaming giant is teaming up with the Zoo World community to raise money for Australian flood victims. More after the jump.

Australia has been suffering casualties lately, experiencing a major flood last week that put its third largest city Brisbane under water. Queensland has also been hit – something that’s not surprising granted the increasing unpredictability of stormy seasons.

To help, RockYou has released a $0.99 Australian Relief Kangaroo in the Zoo World Store from January 15th to January 18th. RockYou initially pledged to donate atleast 75% of all donations earned after costs to the flood relief but ended up giving 100% of the proceeds. The results were stellar and yielded $15,453.31 in the 3 day period.

RockYou went a step beyond the usual virtual goods sale by letting fans vote to select the charities to benefit from the proceeds. Charities received donations proportional to the votes they received. In total there were 3500 votes with with results being split among Queensland Premier Appeal, Salvation Army and Queensland RSPCA.

In the past we’ve seen efforts majorly from Zynga with partnerships such as the one with the National Audubon Society to create awareness and raise funding for the Gulf lf Coast Oil Spill Victims. Social games are great avenues for charitable causes.