Facebook PMDs Riot, Die Socialisten Team Up

By David Cohen 

Swatio650Two Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers announced the formation of a strategic partnership, as Brazilian digital agency Riot will use the Swat.io social-media-management system from Austrian software agency Die Socialisten.

Riot counts LG Electronics, Johnnie Walker, Pepsi, Spotify and Renault among its clients, while current Swat.io users include Drei, ÖBB, Hitradio Ö3, Burda, Focus Online and Stern TV.

Riot Head of Global Partnerships Walter Motta Jr. said in a release announcing the partnership:

With Swat.io, we are using the most efficient management solution for social content available on the market today. Using a simple, unified interface, it’s possible to visualize an editorial calendar, review posts and gather insights to help make decisions. Furthermore, we will actively contribute to Swat.io with product-development feedback that will arise as the operation shapes up over time.

Die Socialisten CEO Michael Kamleitner added:

For Swat.io, Riot is more than an international showcase. Close collaboration with a social media creation agency that is not only replicating well-known best practices, but is rather progressing the medium itself through innovation, ensures that Swat.io will take a key role in shaping future trends in social media and content marketing.