Facebook Open-Sources Ringmark Mobile Test Suite

By David Cohen Comment

Ringmark, the browser test suite created by Facebook for developing mobile applications, is now open-source.

The social network also announced that it will make Ringmark tests available to W3C’s Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group, in the hopes that it becomes the group’s test suite choice for specifications and feedback.

Facebook first announced Ringmark at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in February. The company said it will release more detailed information tomorrow about the test suite’s methodology and rings.

Facebook elaborated on the thoughts behind Ringmark in a post on its developers blog:

This is the beginning of a process, starting with open-sourcing the tests. As we continue to build, we’ll continue to open-source even more of this work.

Ultimately, we believe that Web technologies are important to the future of mobile, and that we can help to make HTML5 a well-supported platform for mobile developers to build upon. For those that are building with the Web today, it’s a major hurdle to learn native technologies like Objective-C and Java:, and we hope that an improved mobile Web can unlock a large contingency of developers that could, and will, be developing for mobile.

The W3C Community Group includes the perspectives of app developers, browser vendors, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and carriers — all of the necessary ingredients to help make the mobile Web better and raise awareness of our challenges.

Ringmark is designed to be the canonical testing suite for those mobile Web browser capabilities. It will help developers know, in a glimpse, whether their app can or cannot run on any given mobile browser. It will help mobile browser vendors build browsers that better serve developer needs and bring better apps and games to consumers.