Rihanna Overtakes Lady Gaga in Facebook Fans

By David Cohen Comment

When it comes to Facebook fans for female celebrities, it appears that Lady Gaga is now under Rihanna’s umbrella.

As reported by Mashable, Rihanna overtook Lady Gaga to claim the title of most popular woman on Facebook, with 40,591,705 fans at the time of this post, compared with 40,560,858 for Gaga.

Both female crooners still dwarf President Barack Obama, who totaled a mere 22,031,452 Facebook fans at the time of this post.

Both women are undeniably red-hot in terms of popularity, so why the surge for Rihanna? She and her staff appear to be relying on consistency, rather than trying to score a huge gain from one single post. Over the past few weeks, her page has been updated 2-3 times daily, with content including quizzes that involve fans, tour updates, plugs for her other social media ventures (Twitter, GetGlue, merchandise, and links to stories about her from other online sources.

Then again, Gaga has done much of the same on her Facebook page, and this could just be a temporary setback.

Besides, “Mama Monster” still has Twitter to fall back on, with 11,647,769 followers at the time of this post, for the No. 1 overall ranking, versus just 6,111,538 and No. 13 for Rihanna.

Readers: Are you surprised about the change atop the charts?