INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Dominates Referral Traffic To Retail Sites; Pinterest Users Spend More

By David Cohen 

Facebook is dominant as a source of traffic for online retailers, and shoppers who enter retail sites via Facebook browse more pages and make more total purchases, but shoppers driven to those sites via Pinterest spend more money, according to an analysis of nearly 700 million shopping sessions on leading U.S. retail sites by ecommerce personalization provider RichRelevance.

Key findings from the study by RichRelevance include:

  • Facebook was by far the dominant social media source of shopping sessions, at 85.8 percent, followed by Pinterest at 11.3 percent, and Twitter at 2.9 percent.
  • Shoppers who arrived at retail pages via Facebook viewed nearly seven pages per visit, compared with slightly more than four for Pinterest and under three for Twitter.
  • In terms of converting these visits into sales, Facebook once again led, with a 2.63 percent conversion rate, followed by Twitter at 1.09 percent, and Pinterest at 0.93 percent.
  • However, users driven to retail sites by Pinterest spent far more money, with an average order value of $168.83, far exceeding $94.70 for Facebook and $70.84 for Twitter.

RichRelevance Chief Marketing Officer Diane Kegley said:

Every social network promises a new way of connecting consumers with retailers and brands. However, the big take-away from our research is that not all channels in the social space are created equal. As retailers and brands continue to sort out how to take advantage of social networks, this infographic provides great insight into better understanding the nuances of each channel, how they resonate with consumers, and how marketers can take advantage of each in their own unique way.

Readers: Why do you think the average order value of users driven to retail sites by Pinterest is so much higher than those of Facebook or Twitter?