Ribbon Brings Together Facebook Friends When Traveling

By Justin Lafferty 

Say you’re planning a big trip to New York. You want to get in touch with friends to go to a movie or a concert while you’re in the Big Apple, but can’t remember exactly which of your Facebook friends lives there. Ribbon, a recently launched iOS application, makes it easy to find friends in faraway cities.

It’s fairly simple to use. Enter information about upcoming trips, such as destination and duration, and Ribbon will show users on a map which Facebook friends live in that city and which ones are visiting. It also uses major events such as concerts and sporting events to connect friends. Users can indicate through Ribbon that they’re planning to attend an event, and make plans with friends to go together.

Users can then share their plans on Facebook or Twitter. Ribbon, developed by Fueled, does not disclose exact locations of users, but rather groups them into larger cities, so sensitive information is not compromised.

Tony Alfaro, Ribbon’s CEO and founder, commented on the app’s capabilities:

Social is inherently based on future plans. Ribbon provides significant value to users in exchange for sharing future travel and event plans. Whether planning to visit New York or London, a music festival, sporting event, or car race, users can update their Ribbon and uncover social and business meeting opportunities that would not have otherwise existed. We envision Ribbon becoming an exciting and engaging utility that people will use and embrace as a part of their daily lives, whether at home or on the road.

Through the Ribbon feed, users can also see when friends have planned trips or have RSVP’ed to an event.