Revision3 Sees 359% Increase In Viewership Over 2010 With 800M Views In 2011

By Megan O'Neill 

Leading Internet TV network Revision3 has just released their end-of-the-year stats for 2011 and they are pretty impressive.  According to a post on the Revision3 blog, the network increased its viewership in 2011 by a whopping 359 percent, with nearly 800 million views over the course of the year.

In addition to increasing their viewership by 359 percent, the company also grew its revenue by 53 percent, and increased their YouTube subscriber base by more than 4 times, ending the year with almost 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube across all the shows that they represent.

CEO Jim Louderback says, “We had another amazing year in 2011, and are looking forward to a strong 2012 with our content available anywhere and everywhere.  By working with incredibly talented content creators, we have been building a stable of shows that deliver audience numbers ad big, or bigger, than most cable shows.  And as we look at the web video space, we continue to be the only company that monetizes web-original video at or above traditional television rates, with a current average yield per view of more than $30.”  Impressive.

In 2011, Revsion3 also beefed up their content, launching a lineup of over a dozen new shows and hosts, including several popular YouTube shows – Epic Meal Time, The Philip DeFranco Show, Film State, TechnoBuffalo and more.

They also launched a fun “bacon-flavored” promo for Epic Meal Time, launched partnerships to make their content available on devices from Roku to Boxee, Tivo, Zune, Google TV, Andoid, Blackberry, iPhone and more, and made their content available across the web not only at Revision3 and YouTube but also on Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo!, iTunes, Dish online, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Divx and more. Find out more on the Revision3 blog.

What are your favorite Revision3 shows and where do you watch them?  Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Image credit: violetkaipa via Shutterstock

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