Facebook Revises Payment Terms For Users, Developers

By David Cohen 

Following Facebook’s announcements Tuesday that it was scrapping Facebook Credits in favor of local currency, as well as launching subscription billing for applications, the social network updated its payments terms Wednesday on both the user and developer sides.

Sister blog Inside Facebook outlined the changes the social network made.

On the user side, the biggest change was much stronger emphasis on the rule that Facebook users under the age of 18 cannot use Facebook payments without the permission of a parent or guardian, as Inside Facebook pointed out that this clause was moved from near the bottom of the old document to the second paragraph of the new one.

Facebook also added an entirely new payment methods section, including its policy on gift cards and its mobile billing terms. According to Inside Facebook, the social network stipulated that gift card balances are not deposits and do not earn interest.

Developers now refer to “Facebook Developer Payment Terms,” rather than “Facebook Credits Terms,” and the term “developer balance” was introduced. According to Inside Facebook, when a developer completes a sale on the social network’s platform, Facebook will credit the proceeds, minus its 30 percent service fee, to that developer’s balance.

The social network also reorganized its content on the subject, including the addition of a “Your Responsibilities and Risks” section, which gathered conditions that were scattered around the previous document into one place.

Readers: Do you think Facebook did enough to clarify its new policies on both the user and developer sides?