Re-Slung: Facebook Revamps Slingshot App

By David Cohen 

NewSlingshot650Facebook announced a thorough revamp of its Slingshot photo- and video-sharing application, including photo filters, the ability to follow users and automatically see their shots, private photo and video reactions to shots and the option to share shots on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

The social network introduced Slingshot in June, and the app saw its first significant change in September, when it eliminated the rule that users had to sling a shot before they could view shots.

Changes to Slingshot were detailed in a blog post:

The fastest way to share rich, raw moments: Now with just two taps, you can share full-screen photos and looping videos. We’ve also introduced five photo filters alongside drawings and captions.


See the freshest shots from the people you follow: Every time you pull down the camera, you’ll see a grid of the most recent content from the past day — shots only stick around for 24 hours or until they’re swiped away. We’ve also made it easier than ever to move between shots, reactions, people and the camera with our new swipeable tab design.


Reply to any shot with private photo and video reactions: You can now filter, draw on and caption reactions for more personal and creative conversations. Also, just like with the regular camera, you can now preview reactions before sending.


Keep in touch with friends and follow awesome creators around the world: Find friends and check out the Explore sheet to follow hilarious, inspiring and rad people around the world. You can always choose to manually approve each follower request if that’s your jam. Also, turn on instant notifications for your favorite people to get notified whenever they sling a shot.


Relive your day and share your favorite moments out to other apps: You can now swipe through all the shots you’ve slung in the past day and share them out to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other apps.

And much, much more: We’ve made a number of improvements around the app to make it faster, more reliable and more delightful. Take it for a spin to see for yourself!

The new Slingshot is available on iPhone (iOS7+) and Android (Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop). Try it out at!

Readers: What do you think of the changes to Slingshot?