Facebook Revamps Page Post Link Ads

By David Cohen 

Facebook Monday announced several updates to its page post link ads, including the ability for brands to customize images, the ability to create these units directly via the social network’s self-serve ad-creation tool, and the ability to choose between right-hand-side domain ads and unpublished page post link ads (dark posts) in the News Feed.

The social network said it introduced the changes to page post link ads as part of its overall effort to simplify its ad offerings, and it cited a study released Monday by Nanigans in which Facebook page post link ads performed quite favorably.

The changes to page post link ads were described in more detail in a post on the Facebook Studio blog:

Customizable images: Choosing the right image is essential to creating a great ad, so we are rolling out image customization for page post link ads across all of our interfaces, which means more flexibility for advertisers in choosing their creative. With this feature, advertisers can upload any image they believe will drive the most conversions to their website (rather than Facebook automatically sourcing a thumbnail image based on images on the linked site). Image customization is now available via the page composer, create flow, Power Editor, and the ads application-programming interface.

Simplified flow for unpublished page post link ads: Unpublished page post ads allow marketers to tailor the right messages to specific groups of people, rather than having a page post appear to everyone who likes their page. We heard that marketers want the ability to create these types of ads in a more self-service way, so now they can easily create a new unpublished page post link ad directly in the ad create flow, instead of having to select an existing post to promote.

Redesigned ad create flow to drive optimal ad choices: We know page post link ads in News Feed can outperform domain ads on the right-hand side, and we want to encourage marketers to take advantage of this enhanced performance for off-site conversions. So now when a marketer enters an offsite link as the ad destination, rather than defaulting to a right-hand-side format, we’ll automatically allow advertisers to choose a domain ad for the right-hand column and/or an unpublished page post link ad for News Feed. This removes the guesswork when transitioning from advertising on the right-hand side to advertising in News Feed.

Brands on Facebook: Have you used page post link ads, and how successful have they been for you?