Facebook Revamps Ads Report Dashboard in Ads Manager

By David Cohen 

AdsReportDashboardUpdated650Facebook rolled out a revamped ads report dashboard for its Ads Manager users, making it easier for them to access saved reports, choose from existing templates and save, schedule, share and export reports.

Reader Adomas Baltagalvis shared the screenshots above and below with AllFacebook, outlining the changes as follows:

The “Report Settings” section now has four main buttons:

The “Level” button allows users to see statistics at each individual level accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ads.

The “Customize Columns” button allows users to choose the columns and information to be displayed in their reports.

The “Breakdown” button offers a view of campaigns by three main categories:

  • Delivery: none, age, gender, age and gender, country, placement, placement and device.
  • Actions: none, conversion device, destination, video view type.
  • Time: none, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly.

And the “Add Filters” button allows users to filter reports by campaign name, ad set name and ad name.

Ads Manager users: Do you have access to the revamped ads report dashboard? What do you think?

AdsReportDashboardBreakdownAdsReportDashboardCustomize Columns