REPORT: Teenagers Disinterested In Facebook Brands

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Three out of every four teenagers goes online every day, but only six percent of them want to interact with brands on Facebook.

That comes from a survey released by Forrester Research earlier this month.

(Ironically, the parent company of this blog, Web Media Brands, sold Jupiter Research to Forrester about two-and-a-half years ago, yet Forrester declined our request for a copy of the report, explaining that the company only shares research with independent blogs and media outlets.)

Teens do talk about brands, products and services via social media, but want to be the ones initiating the conversation rather than getting force-fed information by marketing types. And like the blog Read Write Web quotes Forrester:

While only 16 percent of young consumers expect companies to use social tools to interact with them, 28 percent expect companies to listen to what they’re saying on social networks and respond if they have questions.

Teens are more inclined to trust search engine results, television commercials and websites than brand profiles on social networking sites. Only one in four of the respondents surveyed by Forrester said they find brand profiles on social networks trustworthy, but twice as many feel that way about ads on television.

This suggests that perhaps brands ought to combine marketing efforts to include social media, television and display ads on search engines when trying to reach teens — and that Facebook outreach ought to focus on older demographics.

What do you think about these findings?