Report: New York Times Has More Twitter Followers than Print Readers

By Katie Kindelan Comment

The New York Times now has more Twitter followers than print circulation. Could a future of so long print and hello headlines in 140 characters or less be far away?

The New York Times tops the list of the top 25 newspapers on Twitter with more than 2.6 million followers. The Times is the “only newspaper from the top 25 with more Twitter followers than print circulation,” reports Journalistics, the blog that compiled the list.

The list was released yesterday, the same day the New York Times Co., the paper’s publisher, posted third-quarter sales that fell short of estimates as advertising and circulation revenue declined.

The paper has long planned to begin charging readers for content online to increase revenue. But it gave a hat tip to the power of social media in announcing that it will allow people to read some stories online without charge if they come to the website from sites such as Facebook or Google.

A report last month from the Pew Research Center showed that, for the first time, more people are getting their news online than from print newspapers.

In terms of Twitter, the Times blows away its competition. The number two newspaper on the list is either The Wall Street Journal or the Chicago Tribune. WSJ has about 482,000 followers, while the Tribune’s totals about 35,000 followers.

Illustrating the somewhat tricky task of social media analytics, Journalistic notes the Tribune also has a Twitter persona, called Colonel Tribune, which has about 845,000 followers. If the Colonel is the paper’s primary account, then the Tribune is the newspaper with the second-highest follower count. Coming in a distant third is The Washington Post with 204,514 followers.

Rounding out the top 10 on the Twitter list are the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, New York Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Denver Post, and the Dallas Morning News.