Report: Video Accounted for 66% of Mobile Ad Budgets in Q3

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment


Mobile video has enabled the dramatic rise in video consumption across the Internet. Video already accounts for a considerable amount of the internet’s bandwidth and that share is always growing.

A new study from mobile analytics platforms AppLovin and AppsFlyer shows where revenue is climbing and how video improves retention.

Video ad spending has grown tremendously during this year. In fact, each quarter the percentage of spending on video, has increased from 32 percent in Q1 to 66 percent in Q3. Spending on gaming related content grew from 16 percent to 46 percent. In the non-gaming, video ad spending increased 51 percent.

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Retention is one of the driving forces behind this growth. Video has the power to encourage users to return and retention is fast becoming a defining metric across the mobile space. Video ads result in a better retention rate for apps than non-video ads, and video ads served on iOS performed 10 percent better than ads served on Android devices.

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Video seems to be at the center of a perfect balance right now. With increased smartphone and app usage among coveted demographics, and a strong desire for video content, video ads seem capable of solving a lot of problems for marketers and app developers.

Readers: What is your experience with mobile video ad engagement?

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