REPORT: More Advertisers Will Run Video Campaigns on Facebook than YouTube in 2015

By David Cohen Comment

MixpoVideoAdsKPIChartWhile YouTube is likely still the first platform that comes to mind when thinking about videos, more advertisers will run video campaigns on Facebook this year than on YouTube, according to a new report from video and social advertising company Mixpo.

Mixpo pointed out that the reverse was true in 2014, with more video ad campaigns on YouTube than on Facebook, adding in a release announcing its findings:

  • Even though Facebook is largely considered a social marketing opportunity, our report uncovered that 83 percent of companies do not consider the social team the primary planner for ads run in social.
  • When we asked what the most important metrics are for social video ads, traditional video metrics like video views and completion rates didn’t even make the top three.

Mixpo vice president of marketing Justin Kistner said in the release:

The advertisers we talk to are all generally interested in running video ads in social. What we see holding them back is a lack of experience. We created this report to not only give advertisers more insights on the macro trends, but also specific, tactical knowledge from actual campaigns.

Readers: Are you surprised about Mixpo’s finding that more advertisers will run video campaigns on Facebook in 2015 than on YouTube?