Report: iPhone Apps Killing the Television Star

By Katie Kindelan Comment

Move over broadcast networks, there’s a new “Must See TV” in town and it’s not on your television screen.   iPhone, iPod and iPad apps are now more popular than many of America’s leading sporting and entertainment shows on TV, according to new data from analytics firm Flurry.

Apple has a growing hold on the American entertainment market thanks to the more than 19 million iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users in the U.S. alone who each spend around 22 minutes per day using apps.

The just-released figures mean the audience for iOS devices is now bigger than hit television shows such as CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “The Mentalist” and “Undercover Boss” and NBC’s vaunted “Sunday Night Football.”

Yes, just as television abruptly put an end to the so-called golden days of radio, Americans’ fascination with their smartphones seems to be transforming television.

Flurry admits its own data does not even reveal the whole picture. The firm’s analytics code is integrated into only 50,000 out of Apple’s more than 250,000 apps, leading to the conclusion that the iOS is already ahead of prime time TV shows if you consider the entire IOS audience.

So far no single app has an audience so big as to match the audience of a single TV show, but that day seems to be increasingly close.

The daily iOS audience is just a tango behind the hit “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC and only 4 million votes short of America’s most popular entertainment show, Fox’s “American Idol,” Flurry reports.