Facebook To Introduce Replies Feature For Comments On More Popular Pages, Profiles

By David Cohen 

Facebook began testing a feature it referred to as threaded comments last November, as reported at the time by sister blog Inside Facebook, and now, according to reports, the social network is ready to take the feature, renamed replies, to the next level.

TechCrunch reported that Facebook will launch the replies feature on an opt-in basis for pages and profiles with more than 10,000 followers Monday, with plans to activate it for all users and pages by July 10.

Another feature Facebook began experimenting with last November, ranked comments, will launch simultaneously with replies, according to TechCrunch. Ranked comments, which TechCrunch referred to as active-thread sifting, will display comments with the most engagement at the top of threads and, conversely, relegate comments that users have chosen to hide to the bottom of threads.

Threaded comments, or replies, have been a part of the social network’s comments plugin for non-Facebook website for quite some time, but have yet to roll out on Facebook itself other than in limited tests.

The Huffington Post is apparently one of the pages involved in testing the feature, as TechCrunch shared the screenshot below of replies in action on HuffPost’s Facebook page.

The rollout will initially not cover mobile, according to TechCrunch.

Readers: Do you think the replies feature will enable page administrators or users with popular profiles to more effectively engage in back-and-forth with other Facebook users?

HuffPost screenshot courtesy of TechCrunch. Reply key image courtesy of Shutterstock.