Musician Makes Epic Dub Remix With Old Spice Muscle Music Campaign

By Megan O'Neill 

By now you’ve likely seen the new Old Spice Music Music campaign—an interactive collaboration with Vimeo starring Terry Crews that lets viewers play their own music with the pumped up Old Spice guy’s muscles.  Musician Aaron Isles proves that you can make awesome music with nothing but Terry Crews’ muscles (and a little Ableton tweaking) in an epic Dub Remix that came across our viral radar this morning.

Before we get to Isles’ sweet Old Spice Dub Remix, here’s a little bit on the Muscle Music campaign, for those who haven’t seen it yet.  Old Spice teamed up with Wieden & Kennedy Portland and Vimeo on the project in what is one of the first branded interactive campaigns on the YouTube alternative (it’s not the first “out of the box” brand campaign on Vimeo – Frito Lay had an interesting breakout campaign back in 2010, as one example).

Watch the video below and then stick around for the end, because after Terry Crews finishes showing off his muscle music, you’ll have a chance to create your own.

And that brings us to Aaron Isles Old Spice Dub Remix.  Isles writes, “I decided to challenge myself and remix it using ONLY the samples given.  No extra synthesizers, no extra drum kits, ONLY the samples from the video were used!  I cut them all together, edited them down and put them all in Ableton Live where I worked some magic to make the track you are about to hear.  It took a TON of effects, editing, and processing to get it to sound like this.”

Old Spice is infamous for being one of the most parodied brands on YouTube, inspiring campaigns from politicians to Cisco.  We can’t wait to see the parodies, remixes and mashups that will roll into YouTube (and Vimeo!) as a result of this campaign.

Let us know your thoughts on Old Spice Muscle Music in the comments below.

UPDATE [8/31/12]: This morning Aaron Isles released a second dubstep remix created using the Old Spice campaign.  Check it out below:

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