Relive Your Facebook History With Archivedbook

By David Cohen Comment

Feeling nostalgic? Want to go back in time via your Facebook profile? Not only does Archivedbook allow users to do so, but the results are displayed on an elegant, retro page, within a couple of minutes (much quicker than attempting to perform the same tasks via Facebook).

Once permission is granted via Facebook connect, the app will display the following content from users’ Facebook pages (where applicable):

  • Status updates since June 2009;
  • Wall messages since 2005;
  • Links shared since the end of 2007;
  • Check-ins since the launch of Facebook Places in August 2010;
  • All 2011 posts, including those via Twitter and Tumblr;
  • Photos and videos in which users have been tagged; and
  • Notes and Facebook pages that were liked.

Archivedbook can also retrieve and display the same information for users’ friends, depending on how they opted to handle their Facebook privacy options.

The results that Archivedbook fishes out are displayed chronologically as a default, with older items first, but users can also opt to sort them by most liked or commented.

Results also feature the number of comments and likes, as well as permalinks to the original posts on Facebook, and in pictures, the names of tagged users are pictured.

From the Archivedbook homepage:

You will authenticate on, and your email and password will not transit through Archivedbook. We don’t store your personal information. You can also disconnect Archivedbook from your Facebook account at any time.

Unfortunately, Facebook controls how far it allows third-party applications and websites (like Archivedbook) to retrieve profile items. There is no rule, and everything looks pretty arbitrary. For instance, wall messages can go up to 2005 and links to 2007, but statuses posted before June 2009 aren’t apparently available anymore. Also, some specific privacy settings might also affect the results.

However, don’t forget: Facebook still allows you to download all your Facebook profile information. Learn more.

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