RelationBook Tells You Which Facebook Friends Are Single Or In A Relationship

By Justin Lafferty 

A new application puts the relationship status of your Facebook friends on one screen. If you were ever curious and didn’t feel like clicking on each individual profile, RelationBook allows you to see who’s single, who’s in a relationship, and who describes their situation as “it’s complicated.”

Once you agree to allow RelationBook access to your Facebook profile, you can filter your friends by male and female, then various degrees of involvement, from single to divorced and everything in between. It will also tell you which friends have declined to share relationship information.

Check it out:

Developer Ben Lang discussed with The Next Web the motivation behind RelationBook:

The story is my girlfriend goes on Facebook only to go to people’s profiles and check their relation statuses. So we realized that there has to be a more efficient way to do that, which is how we came up with RelationBook.

To be fair to the minds behind RelationBook, it’s not technically a dating app. It shows all relationship statuses. The app shows a ring for those who are married or engaged, a hollowed-out heart for those who are widowed, drinks for singles, and hearts for those who are in a relationship. It doesn’t push users to message or poke single friends.

Readers: What do you think of RelationBook — kinda cool or kinda creepy?

Images courtesy of RelationBook.