Facebook Testing Region-Specific Versions Of Pages

By David Cohen 

Stay focused and keep shipping,” indeed: Facebook appears to be testing another new feature for pages, this time allowing them to customize their appearances in different regions, while maintaining a single tally of likes.

Sister blogs allfacebook.de and Inside Facebook reported on the new feature, saying that Facebook users will automatically be directed to the page designated for their region, but they can access the versions for other regions via a drop-down menu.

Region-specific content could increase engagement for page owners, as public broadcaster NPR found earlier this year, when it conducted a test with its Seattle affiliate, KPLU, in which Facebook users in the Seattle region saw one post from KPLU each day, and those posts performed strongly.

Inside Facebook said the test seems to be confined to the Facebook Marketing page so far, but it appears that pages will be able to use different cover photos, posts, content in the about section, and applications.

Readers: Do you think region-specific Facebook pages would help boost engagement?

Screen grabs courtesy of Inside Facebook.