Redpepper’s Facedeals Combines Facebook Check-Ins, Facial Recognition, Cameras

By David Cohen 

What do you get when you combine check-ins, facial-recognition technology, and small cameras? If you’re advertising and marketing agency Redpepper, you get Facedeals.

The concept behind Facedeals is simple: Local businesses install cameras with facial-recognition technology, which automatically check in Facebook users who are detected, and subsequently notify them of available deals at the businesses based on their like histories.

Users must authorize the Facedeals application in order to take part, and the app verifies their appearance by analyzing their most recent tagged photos. Deals are delivered to those users’ smartphones.

For those interested in the technical nitty-gritty behind the cameras, Redpepper said they are stand-alone devices developed around open source technologies including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, OpenCV, and the Facebook graph application-programming interface, adding that they can be configured remotely and require a standard 110-volt wall outlet and a WiFi connection.

Redpepper said it is currently beta-testing Facedeals in Nashville, Tenn., adding:

For businesses, there is no easier way to deliver customized deals. Users receive personalized offers simply by coming through the door, which removes the guesswork typically performed by both parties. Businesses will no longer wonder which offers will stick. Patrons will no longer plan outings with a deal-a-day mindset, but can simply frequent their favorite spots and count on being rewarded.

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