How Facebook Redesigned Like, Share Buttons

By David Cohen 

NewLikeShareButtons650Facebook revamped the design of its like button and share button Wednesday, and it eased the process of displaying the like and share buttons side-by-side, or only the share button.

The social network announced the redesign in a post on its developer blog, saying that the new buttons will be rolled out “in the coming weeks,” and adding that users of the current like button will automatically be updated.

Facebook said its like and share buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times per day, across more than 7.5 million websites.

The Huffington Post was featured in the blog post, with HuffPost Head of Product Nico Pitney saying:

We place the like and share buttons right below the headlines of our articles and in a persistent left-side bar that stays with the user when they scroll down the page. We want to give people every opportunity to like and share content, and, at this point, I like to think we’ve made it hard not to engage in social actions.

HuffPostNewLikeShareButtons1HuffPostNewLikeShareButtons2 Product Manager Iain Niven-Bowling and JustGiving Product Manager Jonathan Waddingham were also featured in the blog post, with Niven-Bowling saying:

The stories that are generated when a customer clicks on the like and share buttons are clearly resonating with friends and groups, resulting in high referral traffic and, ultimately, bookings to the 220,000 plus hotels at

Waddingham added:

Facebook is the single-biggest source of traffic for us, surpassing even our direct traffic. We’ve worked hard to make it easy for users to share their donations on Facebook, as we know it has a huge impact on support for their cause.

Readers: What do you think of the redesigned like and share buttons?