Next Redesign For Facebook: News Feed?

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has overhauled its main profile page, introducing timeline. It has changed how people will find information on the site by launching graph search. So what’s next? Sister site Inside Facebook feels that the news feed may be the next aspect of Facebook to receive a major upgrade.

When Facebook debuted graph search in a media conference in January, Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the new feature as one of the three pillars of the site, with timeline and news feed being the other two. Aside from Facebook tweaking the news feed algorithm in November, there has not really been a major aesthetic change to news feed in a while. There have been minor tweaks, but nothing on scale with the grand transformations of search and the profile.

Inside Facebook’s Brittany Darwell feels that the site’s next big innovation will be some kind of change to the news feed, especially in light of rumblings from Business Insider and TechCrunch.

Darwell has a few ideas of how Facebook could greatly improve the news feed:

To reinvent news feed, Facebook needs to apply the power of its ranking algorithms to different categories users can select at will, whether it’s news articles that friends and pages are sharing, videos they’ve posted, food they ate, movies they’re talking about, or products they’re interested in. Facebook already has a separate pages feedgames feed, and music feed. The social network could create others for movies, products, and more. But simply splitting news feed into many more feeds would be a ho-hum change, even if it would useful. Instead, Facebook could combine this idea with a radical redesign that considers the ideal format for each type of story or content.

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