redditgifts: A Marketplace For Meme Junkies

By Megan O'Neill 

The holiday season is here and the pressure is on to find the perfect gifts for your friends, family and Secret Santa picks.  reddit, Guinness World Record-holder for the world’s biggest Secret Santa, is here to help with the newly launched redditgifts Marketplace—a veritable goldmine for the redditors and meme junkies on your holiday list.

The new redditgifts Marketplace was launched as a way to help make this year’s reddit Secret Santa even bigger and better than last year’s, by giving redditors an easy way to find and send gifts to their Secret Santa picks.

Project founder Dan McComas explained to Mike Fenn of The Daily Dot that it can be hard keeping track of literally tens of thousands of Secret Santas.  “We want to help our gift exchange participants to send great gifts to their recipients.  If this goes through the marketplace, we are able to know that they did indeed purchase a product and that it did indeed get shipped.  We think that as long as we bring in the right merchants, sell the right products and offer a good variety, people will love the marketplace.”

The redditgifts Marketplace will also serve as a great way for redditors who have held off on joining Secret Santa due to privacy concerns—not everyone wants to give their address out to a stranger.  McComas told Fenn, “In the coming year we will be opening up functionality in the marketplace to allow anyone to give an amazing gift to anyone on reddit without knowing their address.”

But the redditgifts Marketplace isn’t just for those taking part in Secret Santa.  It’s also a great place to turn when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the meme junkies in your life.  Find and send all kinds of redditor-approved gifts, from a hat with a massive penguin perched on the top to Spicy Bacon BBQ Sauce, a Nyan Cat Hat and a Forever Alone Plush Toy.

Check out the marketplace at and let us know what you think.  Are any of these gifts perfect for someone on your holiday list?

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video expert here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.