Reddit Troll Tells CNN: ‘Reddit Encouraged this Sort of Behavior’ [Video]

By Christie Barakat 

Yesterday, Reddit’s biggest troll and contributor to the its sleaziest subreddits, Michael Brutsch (a.k.a. Violentacrez), gave an exclusive interview to CNN. He was obviously nervous and according to the interviewer, “Showed up early and couldn’t wait to get on television.”

Some highlights from Brutsch include:

“It was a huge mistake. I’ve lost my job, I’m losing my home…” He added that he may pack up and leave his hometown of Arlington, Texas, to stay with his in-laws in Arkansas because he fears he won’t find work.

“The biggest thrill for me was the internet points.” Brutsch showed-off the bobble head Reddit gave him for creating r/jailbait. Reddit’s response was that Reddit now “regrets having sent the trophy.”

“I did it to ‘outrage’ people. I was playing to an audience of college kids, who were once appreciative and supportive.”

“The problem is you can’t delete anything from Reddit! Reddit encouraged this sort of behavior.”

If Reddit regrets “not taking stronger action sooner,” why did its CEO, Yishan Wong, recently tell Reddit moderators: “We stand for free speech… we are not going to ban distasteful subreddits”?

Some moderators believe the site isn’t doing enough to protect the identity of its users, and in a leaked chat from r/ModTalk, they’re proposing a week-long moderator strike in response to Wong’s comments.

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