Facebook Rolls Out Recommendations Bar Social Plugin

By David Cohen 

Facebook wants users to belly up to the bar, as in the social plugin it debuted Thursday, the recommendations bar.

The recommendations bar appears as a popup at the bottom of the screen when a Facebook user reads an article, containing a like button for the page, as well as suggestions based on content that has been liked or shared by friends.

Facebook offered more details on the recommendations bar in a post on its developer blog:

Just as how the like button works now, when a person likes an article using the recommendations bar, a story is published back to their timeline and friends’ news feeds.

Sites such as Mashable, Wetpaint, and The Mirror are using the recommendations bar today. In early tests, sites are seeing three times the click through on the stories it recommends than through the recommendations box.

As with all of our social plugins, integration is easy and takes just a few lines of code. Simply configure the plugin, copy the code, and paste it on your site. The functionality is also available as part of the Facebook for WordPress plugin. We recommend that you include open graph markup on your articles so that Facebook can properly display them on the site.

Readers: Do you think the new recommendations bar will be helpful?