Facebook Pulls Plug On Reach Generator

By David Cohen 

Farewell, Facebook reach generator, we hardly knew you. After launching the program for premium advertisers in February, the social network is pulling the plug in favor of its promoted posts offering.

Facebook said at the time of reach generator’s launch that the program would guarantee that ads would be seen by 75 percent of Facebook users who liked a brand’s page within one month, as opposed to the average rate of 16 percent.

Since it was a premium offering, advertisers had to work directly with Facebook to use reach generator, according to sister blog Inside Facebook, while promoted posts are available to all advertisers.

A Facebook spokesperson explained the social network’s decision to Inside Facebook:

We are simplifying our offerings for advertisers, who can now achieve reach goals through promoted posts, a recently launched product that gives businesses the increased flexibility to hand-select and boost posts in the news feed.

According to Inside Facebook, Facebook will continue to support reach generator campaigns that are already under way, but it will no longer accept new orders or renewals.

Readers who advertise on Facebook: Did you use reach generator, and, if so, how did it work out for you?