Ravenwood Fair Brings Some Humor to the Wild-Forest Town-Fair-Building Genre

By CJ Arlotta Comment

Ravenwood Fair, with a weekly growth of 1.3 million users, takes the number spot on the weekly growth chart, according to AllFacebook.com. The concept of this game, very familiar to social gamers, relies on the user to build and expand. This idea may be common, but every game has its own unique twist. The goal in Ravenwood Fair is to build a fair in the middle of a wild forest.

If the goal of the game induces a smile from you, that’s exactly what the developer was looking for. Lolapps,Inc., a social gaming company since 2008, develops games to make its users laugh out loud – hence the company’s name. Currently, the business has over 300,000 active applications on Facebook and 13 games, with Ravenwood Fair being one of them.

Every game in this genre has a character that follows you throughout your course of gameplay – Ravenwood Fair is not an exception. Hugginn, a bird, helps you get your game started. After getting to know how the game works a little bit, you begin to understand how it’s very similar to other Zynga games: CityVille, FarmVille and FrontierVille. These products, known for their user friendly environment, have engaged the social gaming community with their gameplay.

Besides the unique and creative story in Ravenwood Fair, which of course made me laugh out loud, nothing else is really striking. Its concept – as I stated before – is fairly common, but is also popular. I believe eventually these types of games will fade out of the market for a type of game that is new and challenging.

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