Radian6 Buy Will Push Salesforce.com Onto Facebook

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Salesforce.com’s roughly $326 million acquisition of Radian6 will help the customer relationship management company complete its integration with Facebook and other social media sites.

The web CRM vendor had been talking about its products integrating with Facebook for a while now. Adding Radian6 to Salesforce.com’s fold — along with the December purchase of Heroku for $212 million– will make the integration happen a lot faster.

This will result in a virtual customer contact center incorporating every possible way that clients might interact with a company, including Facebook and Twitter.

Salesforce.com has also bought two other companies this year: Dimdim, which provides conferencing via the web, and ManyMoon, maker of web collaboration and workflow tools.

If the functionality provided by the aforementioned outfits got incorporated into Salesforce.com’s forthcoming social media contact enter, that would be cool. Presumably Heroku would make it easier to push that new functionality out to Facebook and other sites, assuming all of the pieces get sewn together.

Readers, what do you think Salesforce.com’s social media offering will look like?