Quora Softens Its Registered Users-Only Policy

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social networking, social media, quoraQuora will allow its users to share content with unregistered users when they share through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the company said today.

It will also allow unregistered users to view any Quora page if they access it via a shortened URL created on Quora or if they simply add “?share=1” to the end of the standard URL.

The clunky policy comes in response to user complaints about its aggressive registration-only pay-wall. Quora has earned a following in the tech community, but has been criticized for cliquishness.

“We’ve been listening to many Quora writers who have expressed strong feelings about being able to freely share from the site, regardless of whether the person you’re sharing with wants to join Quora,” the company said in a blog post.

Still, in the same blog post the company reiterated that it believes that requiring those who access Quora to register will lead to a more robust knowledge-sharing community.

“The more people who join Quora, the more knowledge is added,” the company said.

A Quora log-in bypassing browser add-on is available on Github.

Its developer, Nick Baugh, said he wasn’t “really one to try to bring hate on a cool site like Quora,” but built the tool “for my own purposes so I wouldn’t have to log in every time.”