Quora Releases Android App

By Devon Glenn 

Quora has seen an uptick in mobile usage, which now accounts for more than 25 percent of traffic to the crowdsourced answers site. To give readers the right answers in the right format, the company recently released a new mobile app for Android.

Available on Google Play and Amazon App Store for Android, the mobile version of the service has been optimized to look better on a phone or tablet. The posts can be viewed in landscape mode.

One key feature is the search bar, which appears on every screen in the app and includes voice recognition and transcription capabilities.

Another notable feature is a widget that puts Quora’s Top Answers, or interesting threads selected from throughout the site, on the user’s home screen.

“A special shoutout to all the Quora users on Android who have been patiently waiting for this app, as well as our beta testers who have tirelessly provided feedback across a wide spectrum of devices,” said Quora staffer Brien Colwell in a blog post. “This one is for you!”

Update: This app came out in September, but it’s got some cool features. If you haven’t tested it out yet, it’s worth a look.