STUDY: Interaction with Instagram Posts Trounces Facebook, Twitter

By David Cohen Comment

QuintlyInstagramInteractionChartWhen it comes to interaction with posts, Instagram blows away parent company Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent study by social analytics provider Quintly.

Quintly found in a study of 5,000 Instagram profiles that the average Instagram post received 4.8 interactions (likes, comments, shares), compared with 0.72 for Facebook and 0.25 for Twitter (favorites, retweets, replies).

However, Instagram users posted less frequently than Facebook users in the first quarter of 2015, with Facebook users posting roughly 1.5 times per day, compared with once for Instagrammers.

And while videos play important roles for some of the larger Instagram accounts, Quintly found that photos still made up nearly 94 percent of posts.

Readers: What did you think of Quintly’s findings?