New Facebook Video App QuikSnap Combines Personal Messages, TV And Movie Clips

By Will M 

A new video application that lets users “snap” together social video messages from a library of TV and movie clips and share their video mashups via Facebook debuted Tuesday: QuikSnap.

Developer SnapCuts’ video messages are also available via the iPhone and the Web.

“Turn your mood into a video” is the pitch, and QuikSnap makes it quite easy. Users can pick scenes from classic TV shows like “I Love Lucy” or lines from major actors like Kirk Douglas, Shirley Temple, and John Wayne, and then point and click to add videos, as well as their own text messages to personalize the video messages.

QuikSnap also features premade social video messages for current events such as Labor Day and back to school, as well as for general moods (feeling “beaten up”) and routine invites (“come over for dinner”).

Bee Ottinger — a world-renowned video editor who did music videos for Michael and Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Cher, and Shakira — founded SnapCuts, and she knows how to make emotional connections with an audience using video.

QuikSnap lets users quickly create video messages that have an emotional impact. Using video in friends’ news feeds to communicate personal messages, and not just to share someone else’s content, could be a big trend on the Facebook platform.

QuikSnap also enables companies to “white-label” its technology, so it will be interesting to see how TV shows, entertainment companies, and celebrities start using SnapCuts for social media messaging.

Readers: Do you think video is the best way to say it in social media?

Guest writer Will McGrouther is CEO of ExecutiveRecruitingLA.