Quietly Amazon Releases Kindle Social Network Service

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Kindle owners are smiling ear to ear because it seems that Amazon humbly rolled out a new social networking service for their dedicated Kindle owners.

Probably the silent release with no fanfare is based upon Amazon’s plan to let the omnipresent social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ handle the mainstream social media users. Kindle is more specialized – it’s for dedicated book readers.

In Amazon’s part of the equation, if you count the number of Kindle users, the decision of bringing them together as a social network is a very bright idea. Book readers love to discuss the books they read. I know a few and admire how their faces light up when they discuss a book they are reading or had just finished reading. With the new social network service on Kindle, book readers can unite!

Amazon Kindle owners will now have dedicated profiles online, similar to Facebook pages, Twitter and Google+. Users can follow each other and keep updated with each other on what they have been reading or plan to read. A user can even discuss why they are not reading a particular book or why they stopped reading a particular book.

I think the social network service is a smart move by Amazon. If you get readers talking about reading books, it means Amazon will sell more downloads of the books. The users benefit, too. It is a great way to receive book recommendations, specifically if a user has the same taste in books as another user. They can recommend books back and forth.