Facebook Launches Promote Your App Page For Developers, Highlighting Advertising Options

By David Cohen 

Developers now have access to a new Promote Your App page from the social network, which functions as a portal highlighting all of the tools available to them for promoting, marketing, and advertising their applications.

The Promote Your App page offers overviews of and links to tools including Facebook’s app dashboard, power editor, ads create flow, and a list of Preferred Marketing Developers.

The page also touts the social network’s options for promoting app installs and building awareness of apps, saying:

Mobile app install ads are an effective way to drive installs and increase discovery for your mobile app. The ads appear in the mobile news feed, and take people directly to the App Store or Google Play to install the app. Learn more.

If you are interested in driving traffic to your website or mobile Web app, use app ads, domain ads, or our latest product to drive traffic, sponsored results. Sponsored results provide you with the ability to buy ads in search results. Learn more.

If you want to make sure that you are reaching people at scale, run page post ads and sponsored stories. On average, only 16 percent of your fans will see your message organically if you don’t promote it. By promoting your post or sponsored stories, a much larger audience can see your story in various places on Facebook — such as news feed on desktop and mobile, or the right-hand side of the site. Learn more.

Facebook said in a post on its developer blog announcing the Promote Your App page:

Today we launched a new page highlighting our promotions products. This is relevant for developers looking to drive awareness and installs for apps on mobile and desktop. We want to make it easier to access the right marketing tools and have the information you need to achieve your marketing and business goals. Go to the Promote page for details and documentation about our ads and sponsored stories products, as well as tools to get you started.