PROFILE: ‘Russian Facebook’ VKontakte's Pavel Durov

By David Cohen Comment

Digital Sky Technologies, a major investor in Facebook, has social networking covered in its home country, as the company also owns almost a quarter of Russian Facebook clone VKontakte.

Forbes Russia recently profiled Pavel Durov, the 26-year-old founder of the Russian social network, which boasts more than 2.7 million users, earns roughly $10 million per month, and has a value of nearly $2 billion.

However, Forbes Russia added that VKontakte is also under fire from content rights holders for allowing widespread sharing.

Some quotes from Durov, roughly translated by Google Chrome from the Forbes Russia item:

For me, money is totally virtual units that are meaningless to discuss in isolation from the real important things. Participating in this race to anyone to prove anything seems to be an objective exercise in futility, although this is not the worst kind of sport.

When I looked at the people who go do routine work in an office every day, I could not imagine such a scenario in my life.

Our project is fundamentally different from other start-ups, as well as increased exponentially, with no advertising. (DST founder) Yuri Milner offered more than the others and asked for less. At the same time, he himself took the initiative and came to us.

My dream is to turn around the national inferiority complex, proving that the products of Russia may be massively in demand around the world.

It may be that in order to achieve our goal of service, VKontakte will need to change beyond recognition, or our team will generally create a new product. But sooner or later, it will be done.

Readers, is there enough room in the global social arena for both Facebook and VKontakte?