Predictive Publishing Coming To Adobe Social

By David Cohen 

Adobe used its Summit 2013 digital marketing conference in London Wednesday to introduce predictive publishing capability for its Adobe Social platform.

The new predictive publishing tool uses advanced sentiment analysis and predictive text mining algorithms based on historic data around engagement, post time, and sentiment to enable social media teams to determine the best types of content and the best times to post that content, as well as to have a good idea before posting as to how that content will perform.

Predictive publishing is currently in beta, and Adobe said it will be available to Adobe Social users this summer, with the initial version offering integration with Facebook, and other social networks to be added later in the year.

Adobe Social Product Marketing Manager Lawrence Mak said in an interview with AllFacebook:

The primary value that we bring to our customers is the ability to connect what happens on social media accounts to actual business results. We help you connect all of the dots from social posts and interaction with those posts all the way to conversion.

And Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics Vice President Bill Ingram added in a press release:

Social marketers have largely had to rely on instinct to uncover not only what resonates, but what will maximize future engagement on social platforms. Now we can smarten up social by unlocking the power of predictive analytics.