How Postano 2.0 Brings Content From Facebook, Other Social Networks To Life On Multiple Screens

By David Cohen 

PostanoImage650Late last month, Postano, the social platform from application-development-solutions provider TigerLogic, described how universities have tapped its system to collect and curate content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and other social networks, and display that content on large screens during sporting events. Wednesday, Postano introduced Postano 2.0.

Postano 2.0 was designed for marketers to be able to analyze and curate fan activity from all major social networks and feature that content on social hubs, event displays, in-store displays, command centers, and mobile applications. Highlights of updates to Postano 2.0 include:

  • A single dashboard for curating and managing social content.
  • Quick moderation work flow.
  • Native mobile moderation apps for iOS and Android.
  • Multiple advanced social visualizations built with customizable HTML5 so that content displays properly on all sizes of screens.

New visualization options in Postano 2.0 include:

  • A carousel widget for homepages.
  • An editorial social hub for story-driven Web pages.
  • A mobile-optimized visualization for native mobile app integration.
  • A multitile animated visualization for events and retail displays.

Postano counts the National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings among its clients, and Pat Donahue, the team’s manager of digital media, said in a release announcing Postano 2.0:

As soon as our fans see Postano up on the massive screen at Staples Center, they instantly plan on how to participate. Postano turns our existing fans into social sharing heroes. Postano makes it incredibly easy and fast to find the best fan content, and the new mobile app allows me to moderate our social content on the go, from anywhere inside the arena.

TigerLogic Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing for Postano Justin Garrity added:

Postano 2.0 was redesigned from the ground up as an SaaS (software as a service) platform with scale and performance as critical components. As fans post more and more visual content to an ever-growing portfolio of social networks, Postano 2.0 has been designed to quickly surface that content and facilitate monitoring and curation from any location 24/7. The redesigned Postano 2.0 Web app with split-view moderation and the new native iPhone and Android apps set a new standard for social monitoring and curation platforms.

And TigerLogic Senior VP, Social and Mobile Tom O’Keefe said.

Curating fan content is a compelling way to increase loyalty and activate fan behavior. Postano’s new platform provides our clients with the tools necessary to see, and publish, the best social content to stimulate earned media and drive revenue. Our recently announced financing, coupled with the launch of Postano 2.0, creates a unique and compelling enterprise approach to the social mobile marketplace. We are firmly positioned as the leader in our space and look forward to working with our rapidly growing list of customers, including the L.A. Kings.

Readers: Have any of your social media posts ever been displayed during an event?