Built-in Post Targeting Rolled Out To Facebook Pages With More Than 5,000 Likes

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has been testing more advanced methods of post targeting, allowing select pages to target posts based on gender, age, language or location. Now sister site Inside Facebook reports that all pages with more than 5,000 likes have this ability.

If your page has more than 5,000 likes, here’s what the new feature looks like:

Page administrators can choose to target news feeds of specific types of user, based on categories such as gender, age, relationship status, education, interests, location and language. This does not affect what kinds of posts users will see when they visit the page (all of them), but rather which posts will show up in users’ news feeds.

Facebook marketing expert Amy Porterfield wrote about how pages can utilize this new feature for success. She sees that page admins can use targeting to reduce the number of un-likes and un-subscribe actions, by only showing certain users posts that are relevant to them. Pages can also gain more traction with promoted posts and generate higher quality engagement. However, Porterfield notes that pages that want to get the most out of page targeting should study their fanbase and know what they really want to see:

While the number of total impressions on a particular post may go down because you’re targeting only your most qualified leads, engagement should rise because fans are seeing messages they care about. And more shares, comments, “likes” and interactions directly lead to more fans and friends of fans seeing your post in their feed — whether or not you ever pay for a Promoted Post.

There is a strategic downside here, though. Getting the most out of this feature means admins will have to gather quality information about their audience and then create targeted content. That could mean a serious investment of time and resources. But knowing your audience, especially if you market on social media, is priceless — and not just on Facebook.

Readers: How often do you target your content, either through Facebook or an external application?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.