Portent Interactive Seeks Volunteers To Demystify Randomness Of Facebook Likes

By David Cohen 

Analysis of Facebook likes is hardly a new concept, but digital marketing firm Portent Interactive is taking a unique approach to the process, and it needs the help of 10,000 Facebook users.

Portent said it is seeking 10,000 volunteers to help it build out what it calls its Idea Graph, which looks for patterns in the randomness of Facebook likes, coming up with findings including:

Portent said users who are interested in participating must authorize its Facebook applications to access their demographic data, likes, links, and friends lists, and Founder and CEO Ian Lurie added:

We’re going to apply the tool first to Facebook and then expand it to other social networks. By mapping these “random affinities,” we will generate a list of common interests that marketers can use to grow their audiences and build rapport with customers.

The company said that when the project is completed, it will publicly release its results, stressing that data will only be used anonymously and in aggregate, and that volunteers will not receive spam or advertisements.

Readers: Would you participate in a project like Idea Graph?