Cats, Mobs and Fails — The 25 Most Popular YouTube Trends Of All Time

By Megan O'Neill Comment

YouTube is always trending with popular themes inspired by everything from people to songs to specific viral videos. Sometimes trends on YouTube are short-lived, but other times they stick around for a while, spawning millions of views and inspiring YouTubers to upload a plethora of remixes, parodies and similar videos. We decided to compile a list of the top 25 YouTube trends of all time. They include everything from cats to double rainbows, flash mobs to Epic FAIL videos and everything in between. Check out the full list of popular YouTube trends after the jump.


On of the most popular themes on YouTube is the cat meme. Cats have been one of the most viral phenomena on the Web for years now, spawned on by sites like I Can Has Cheezburger? and LOLCats. Cat videos are scattered throughout the most-viewed YouTube videos of all time and include everything from musical cats to talking cats, sneaky cats, and even songs about cats. Check out one of our favorite cat videos below, and click on the thumbnails to watch more cats on YouTube.

Kids Saying Funny Things

Videos of kids being kids and saying funny, cute or weird things are the recipe for virality on YouTube. Whether it’s a video of a little girl talking about catching her parents “in the act” (if you catch our drift), a little boy mispronouncing the word “truck”, trying to say “blood”, or doing a heartbreaking cover of the Beatles, viewers just eat up videos of kids. Watch some of our favorites below.

Pets & Animals

Cats are popular enough to get a category of their own, but that doesn’t mean that pets and other animals aren’t popular on YouTube too. We’ve put together our own compilation of the best Pets & Animals videos on YouTube, which you can check out below. Yesterday my dog was doing the cutest thing, but I didn’t get to my video camera in time. To bad, I’m sure my dog has got massive viral potential!


For some mysterious reason, people love watching the failures of others. Be it an idiot who can’t park or someone falling down and getting hurt, people watch FAIL videos by the millions. Maybe watching other people fail and fall makes us feel better about ourselves, or maybe it’s just freakin’ funny. Whatever the reason, Epic FAILS account for some of the most viral videos on YouTube. FAILblog, the king of YouTube FAIL videos, has over 1 billion upload views and over 1 million subscribers. Check out our compilation of the Best Epic FAIL Videos on YouTube.


What’s cuter than an adorable, little baby? Whether a baby is laughing, dancing, crying, or just sitting still, a baby is a great subject for a viral YouTube video. Babies have been a rising trend on YouTube for almost as long as the site has existed. Babies strike a chord in most online video viewers – after all, we were all babies once, many of us have babies and some of us want babies. Check out some of the cutest videos that are part of YouTube’s babies trend below. You can also check out our compilation of the Best Kids & Babies YouTube videos here.

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