Politics, Speeches Top Facebook Mentions

By Jennifer Moire 

Presidential politics dominated the buzz on Facebook over two weeks that featured political conventions, a major hurricane, the start of the National Football League season, and key events from the world of pop culture.

The data, pulled together by Facebook’s Politics & Government team, revealed that seven of the 10 most-mentioned events on the social network during the period had to do with U.S. politics, with speeches by President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention topping the list.

Does this mean Facebookers lean blue? The Republican National Convention took place during the last week of August, which is still considered a popular vacation week in many parts of the country.

Top Facebook Moments

  1. Obama’s DNC speech, Thursday, Sept. 6
  2. Democratic National Convention, Tuesday, Sept. 4 through Thursday, Sept. 6
  3. Clinton’s DNC speech, Wednesday, Sept. 5
  4. Republican National Convention, Tuesday, Aug. 28 through Thursday, Aug. 30
  5. MTV’s “Video Music Awards”, Thursday, Sept. 6
  6. NFL Kickoff 2012, Wednesday, Sept. 5
  7. Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech, Thursday, Aug. 30
  8. Hurricane Isaac, late August
  9. First lady Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, Tuesday, Sept. 4
  10. Mitt Romney’s RNC speech, Thursday, Aug. 30

Parsing the numbers even further, Facebook found that Clinton’s speech was more popular among users over the age of 45. Apparently, teens didn’t catch the political bug, since MTV’s “VMAs” was the clear winner among users age 13-17.

Still in need of a political fix?

  • The Like Race: The Romney-Ryan ticket is actually getting a post-convention bump when it comes to Facebook likes. The GOP running mates added a total of 2.6 million likes since the start of the conventions, far outpacing the 453,000 total likes added to the Facebook pages of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden combined. The Obama-Biden campaign added a total of 1.1 million likes during the summer of 2008 and 1.7 million between the 2008 Democratic convention and the inauguration in January 2009.
  • Social States: Facebook identified which states were buzzing about which candidates using its “Talk Meter” tool.  The nation’s capital held the top spot for Obama, Biden, and Ryan, while Utah was found to be talking the most about Mitt Romney.

Top Five States Buzzing About Romney

  1. Utah
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Florida
  4. Massachusetts
  5. North Carolina

Top Five States Buzzing About Ryan

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Utah
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Maryland
  5. Florida

Top Five States Buzzing About Obama

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. North Carolina
  3. Mississippi
  4. Louisiana
  5. Georgia

Top Five States Buzzing About Biden

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Delaware
  3. Maryland
  4. Virginia
  5. North Carolina

Readers: Did you see any surprises in these findings?