Facebook to Route Support Queries from PMDs Through Support Dashboard

By David Cohen 

SupportDashboard650Facebook is overhauling its support system for its Preferred Marketing Developers, announcing that in the next week, support queries will be routed through its Support Dashboard, rather than via PMD Support Forms.

Marketing partnerships analyst Kristie Koo detailed the change in a post for the PMD News group:

In an ongoing effort to provide better support and faster turnaround times, we are constantly working to improve the user experience for key partners. In the next week, we will be updating the link to our current PMD Support Forms to now route through Support Dashboard.

What changes:

  • Upon submission, you will now receive a notification to your Facebook profile indicating confirmation that your case has been created and can be viewed in the support dashboard.
  • You can see your open cases on the Support Dashboard at any time here.
  • Web: can access this from your settings tab, under “Support Dashboard.”
  • Mobile: To to settings, support dashboard, you can view cases that are waiting for your response or pending.
  • Ability to comment on a case, similar to a Facebook comment thread.
  • Need to enter your and/or your client’s page name on our forms.

What doesn’t change:

  • The landing page.
  • Our team’s SLA (site-level aggregation).
  • Will receive email notifications when someone from Facebook responds that you can directly reply to.

Other important information:

  • The email address field should be the email address you want to be contacted at (work email address).
  • This is still only a support channel for current PMDs.

Future roadmap:

Action items:

  • Nothing! The way you submit requests to the team remains the same.

Note: This is not a replacement for the bug tracker tool. Any bugs related to the application-programming interface and/or your app should still be logged through that portal.

PMDs: What are your initial thoughts on this news?