Viral Radar: Playmobil Apple Store Builds Brand Loyalty From Birth

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Sure, the iPhone and the iPad were pretty groundbreaking inventions for Apple.  But their latest product will make your head spin!  It’s a Playmobil Apple Store play set, complete with mini-iPads, mini-MacBooks and a whole lot of uber-hip Playmobil customer to wait in line!  Now your kids can build brand loyalty as soon as they start walking.

The idea behind the set?  Apple says, “We wanted to redefine the experience of childhood.  We wanted to create a seamless transition to the new realities of adulthood.”  The set is so realistic that you’ll forget that you’re playing with a toy and feel like you are actually inside a real Apple Store!  Want to buy the Playmobil Apple Store Playset?  Just click on ‘Buy Now’ from the product page on the ThinkGeek website and…oh wait…April Fools!

We knew this awesome Playmobil set was too good to be true.  ThinkGeek created the video, product page and awesome prototype as a hoax.  The video started taking off late last night and this morning and has just over 200,000 views so far.  It’s definitely worth checking out below.  Don’t you wish this product was real?