Playfish Gamers Help Real Animals Via Virtual Pets

By Azam Khan Comment

EA/Playfish recently launched a charitable campaign in which it will donate 10 cents to the World Wildlife Fund for every near player who joins their game Pet Society through the Play to Give site. This campaign is set to last till January 1. More after the jump.

Pet Society is Playfish’s flagship title in which players groom and care for their pet. Players are responsible for their pets’ happiness and health and can customize them and their domain to their hearts extent. Pet Society thus seems like a natural fit for the WWF, allowing players to spread their pet-caring intentions to the fund to benefit real world animals that deserve healthy habitats and lives. In the game, players can buy a pet like Snow Loris for 8 Playfish Cash, and if Playfish donates 10 percent, that amounts to about 8 cents for the transaction. Doesn’t seem like much but on a scale of millions it can be powerful

Apart from this campaign, Playfish also has been actively supporting wildlife conservation since July 2009 by donating 10% of the purchase price of every WWF virtual item in Pet Society with a guaranteed contribution of $100,000 per year.

It’s good to hear news about others in the space actively contributing to these organizations. We’ve seen Zynga fundraise over $1.5M for a school in Haiti and Crowdstar help with the crude oil spill in Gulf of Mexico.

Find out more about the campaign here:

Play Pet Society by clicking here: