Planking Gets An Anthem And A Video Contest

By Megan O'Neill Comment

The Facebook planking craze just keeps on growing—these days everyone is planking, from drivers on the IndyCar circuit to footballers, and even Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson!  So it’s only fitting that planking would get its very own theme song.  ‘Planking’, by Seattle rapper MG! the Visionary, is the perfect planking anthem, and MG!, Rumblefish, and are promoting the track with a fun planking video contest.

Matthew ‘Sarge’ Sargis, Music & Editorial Supervision Manager over at Rumblefish, let me know about the contest via email.  He told me that prior to last week, rapper MG! didn’t even know about planking.  “He visited Rumblefish, a music licensing company based in Portland, OR, to pick up a royalty check.  He and Rumblefish CEO Paul Anthony decided to go out for dinner and while out, the conversation turned to planking.”

MG! was so inspired by the planking conversation that he decided to investigate the phenomenon further, even going so far as to plank himself, on top of a port-a-potty! He then wrote the planking anthem, sent it over to Rumblefish and they decided to release it exclusively on, complete with a contest.  Check out MG!’s video below and then read on to find out more about the contest.

Full Planking Video Contest rules can be found on the Friendly Music website.  Basically, entrants are invited to purchase MG! the Visionary’s track for $1.99 from Friendly Music and then edit a video for the song using personal planking photos and videos.  The video should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and then posted to the Friendly Music Facebook page.

So far about four videos have been posted to the Facebook page, but the contest ends on June 10, so we are sure to see more.  The prize for the best video will be $250 US, plus a GoPro Camera.  I’m not a huge fan of the idea that contest entrants need to purchase the song.  However, I guess the prize is worth the $1.99 “entrance fee.”  The ten videos with the most likes will be the finalists and, from those, MG! the Visionary will select the winner.

Check out some of the entries below and let us know what you think in the comments.  What do you think of MG! the Visionary’s Planking anthem?  Will you enter the Planking Video Contest?

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